The Conveyancing Process

Title Deed Information

Registered Title

All properties now, are legally required to be registered at HM Land Registry. Most properties in the last 30 years, since changing hands, are registered at HM Land Registry and have a unique Title Number. We request a copy of these titles at the start of the process, which comprises of the details of the property, registered owners and mortgage/s.

Unregistered Title

If the property has not changed hands within the last 30 years it may not have been registered. If so, it will be subject to its first registration by the new owners.

Contract Documentation:

When selling a property, we send all protocol documentation out to you to fill in and return back to us, this is important as it does form part of the legal contract, especially the Fixtures, Fittings and Contents form.

The contract is issued to the purchaser’s solicitors and we wait for enquiries to come back to us, whereupon we will arrange to meet with you to sign the contract and Transfer, in readiness for exchange and completion.

When purchasing a property, we have to wait for the contract pack to come into us, whereupon we will then raise all necessary enquiries with the vendor’s solicitors.

The survey/valuation is then carried out by the mortgage lender. Once this is done, and we are in receipt of the mortgage offer, we will then request search fees from you and submit searches. These take around 10 working days and it is only advisable to do these once all parties are in receipt of the mortgage offer.

Once searches are returned and all enquiries answered, we then arrange to meet with you to discuss the documentation, in readiness for exchange and completion.

Exchange of contracts means the property transaction is legally binding in readiness for completion, whereupon the transfer has completed and it’s time for the new chapter!

After completion, we send the relevant documents to Inland Revenue and Land Registry, to register your purchase of the property and, upon registration of the same, provide all necessary documentation where appropriate.

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